Preparing your OKPAY Account (Wallet)

Each OKPAY wallet has individual API access settings. Thereby these settings should be tuned separately for each particular wallet.

Please note that for proper Authentication you need to specify your OKPAY Wallet ID with enabled API access. Apart from General Functions API, OKPAY provides several additional API tools, including Client Verification API. All of the available automation features required for payments processing, integration and managing your OKPAY account are located under the General Functions API.

Figure 1. API Setup.


Complete the steps listed below in order to start using OKPAY API for your wallet:

  1. Log in to your OKPAY account, select your wallet under the Wallets and Currencies section. Open Integration tab on the "Wallet Properties" page.
    Scroll down to API Access section and read the highlighted information.
  2. Enable the General Functions API. Activation of additional API features requires special approval.
  3. Provide a suitably strong password or use the link to generate a random one. This password should be used in every request as a part of OKPAY authentication process.
  4. Click on the Save button to complete.

Security Settings

For additional protection of your account we strongly advice to enable IP address filtering located under Enable API Security option. Enter the IP address of your server which will be authorized to make requests for your API.

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