API Functions

API functions allow you to transfer funds, view transaction history, check available balance, etc. Click on the function for a detailed description and an example.


General API

Function Description
Get_Date_Time Returns current server GMT Time.
Wallet_Get_Balance Returns account balance for all currencies.
Wallet_Get_Currency_Balance Returns wallet balance for requested currency.
Send_Money Transfers money.
Account_Check Searches for OKPAY account by Wallet ID/E-mail/Phone.
Transaction_Get Returns transaction information by Transaction ID.
Transaction_History Returns transaction history for the selected period.
DebitCard_Prepay Pre-orders OKPAY Cards for multiple recipients.
Withdraw_To_Ecurrency Withdraws funds via supported electronic currencies.
Withdraw_To_Ecurrency_Calculate Calculates withdrawal fee for the corresponding e-currency without creating an actual withdrawal request.
Withdraw_To_CryptoCurrency Withdraws funds via supported crypto-currencies.
Withdraw_To_CryptoCurrency_Calculate Calculates withdrawal fee for the corresponding crypto-currency without creating an actual withdrawal request.
Subscription_Get Returns information about the subscription.
Subscriptions_Filter Returns a filtered list of subscriptions.
Subscription_Update Updates subscription settings and status.
Subscription_Get_Operations Returns a list of payment transactions for subscription.
PreapprovedPayment_Get Get details about particular pre-approved payments contract by its ID.
PreapprovedPayment_Charge Perfrorm pre-approved payment from customer's account.
PreapprovedPayment_Cancel Terminates pre-approved payments contract.
PreapprovedPayment_Get_Operations Get all operations performed according to specific pre-approved payment contract.
PreapprovedPayments_Filter Get a list of pre-approved payment contracts passed through the filter.
Withdraw_To_Card_RU Withdraw to the Visa and MasterCard cards in RUB.
Withdraw_To_Card_World Withdraw to any Visa and MasterCard cards in EUR or USD.

Client Verification API

Function Description
Сlient_Get Returns information on the client.
Сlient_PublicInfo_Get Returns public information on the client.
Images_GetList Returns the list of verification documents uploaded by the client.
Image_Get Returns uploaded verification document by its ID.
Client_AbuseReport Reports violation or an issue with a specific client to OKPAY.
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