Integration Partners

Below are our Integration Partners to whom you can refer for technical assistance. Use filter to find most suitable partner for you.

Whether you're doing it yourself or using a professional developer to perform your integration, you'll find all the information and technical answers on how to integrate OKPAY with your website in our Developers section.


If you are interested in becoming official OKPAY Integrator and wish to get more information about your partner benefits - please click here.

Our Certified Integration Partners are developer companies, web design studios, consulting agencies and professional individuals who specialise in creating various internet solutions. Moreover they have been trained and have practical experience of working with OKPAY payment system.

Please keep in mind that the list of our partners does not claim to be complete. To accomplish your task in integrating OKPAY you can also always refer to 3rd party websites offering freelance services, for example:,,, etc.

Selecting wisely will lead to visible, positive results for your company. Conversely, the wrong choice will not only be a waste of money but will also be a waste of valuable time. With so many partners to choose from a structured approach to this task should lead you to the best decision. Below we list some of the most important steps to go through before making any decisions.

Have a clear Vision

Before you're tempted to steam ahead with your search, you need to spend a little time at the beginning of this process to clearly define your project. The best way to do this is to prepare a brief. A brief is a written explanation which clearly outlines the aims, objectives and milestones of your future project.

Perform a Search

Find out what programming language has been used for your e-commerce service - select a partner that supports the language. Also the most recommended way for ease of communication is to select a partner from your country or region. This will at least remove the unnecessary language barrier and you will be able to understand each other clearly.

Using these 2 criteria, perform the search.

Contact your Shortlist

Now it's time to contact your shortlist. Introduce yourself and your company, describe what you'd like to invite them to pitch for your project.

Look for prompt response, tight communications.

Send out your Brief

Send out your brief to your short-listed Integrators. Do not forget to note your budget.

Please note that in order to start working on the project Integrator might request access to your website. Despite the fact that we try to sort the requests that are insufficiently clear or doubtful, we accept NO RESPONSIBILITY, neither for the quality of the result nor for the time of execution. Please be careful selecting the Integrator.

OKPAY Integration Partner network has two basic specializations: Outsource Integrators and Solution Providers. In addition, each specialty has three certification levels.

  • VIP Partner
       VIP partner has extensive experience in developing web projects, including complex software solutions and projects based on «OKPAY». They consider OKPAY support as priority and encourage their customers to use OKPAY electronic money.
  • Business Partner
       Business Partner has sufficient experience in the field of web projects development in order to provide services for the professional integration of the OKPAY payment system. This partner recommends OKPAY payment solution to its customers.
  • Certified Partner
       Certified Partner provides or starts to provide OKPAY integration services or has a software solution that supports OKPAY payment system.

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